UHP Water Blasting for Landing Strip Saftey

Landing strip safety is critically important to airport operators and carriers. The build-up of rubber on runways accumulated during landings creates an unsafe landing environment. UHP water blasting and shot blasting quickly removes runway rubber build-up without using chemicals or causing damage to the runway. The work will be completed between flights making the runway immediately available. KRSI also removes paint stripes, landing markings, and curing compounds at any airside facilities such as taxiways, parking aprons, ramps, runways, and maintenance areas. Our dustless UHP process will recover all debris, which eliminates the risk of it being sucked into and damaging jet engines. UH

Renting Surface Preparation Equipment?

KRSI offers state-of-the art equipment, which is tested and optimized for every project. THe equipment may be rented with or without an experienced technical operator. Equipment we rent: Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasters KRSI Factory Technician provided Available with accessories such as vacuum collection systems and floor, wall, ceiling, or other specialty tools Ride-On Scrapers Available for stand-alone rental Available with a selection of different sized, in-stock, blade types The scrapers are available for pickup at KRSI headquarters Shot Blasters Available for stand-alone rental Available with various sized of in-stock steel shot for your application The blasters available for pickup a

Understand the Dangers of VCT Removal

VCT, or vinyl composite tile, is a soft, flexible tile installed in many locations. It may be installed over other tiles, or directly on the subfloor. The VCT adhesives grow stronger with age, which can make it extremely difficult to remove. In addition to the difficulty in removing VCT, there are some dangers involved in its removal. Understand these dangers before you begin removal: Asbestos in the Tiles Many vinyl composite tiles produced prior to the 1980s and installed up to 1984 were made with asbestos fibers. VCT that contains asbestos may be dark in color, including black or burgundy. They may measure 9, 12 or 13 inches square. Because the removal of any VCT necessitates the removal

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