Looking to Rent A Ride-On Floor Scraper?

KRSI rents battery operated ride-on scrapers that are ideal for large or small commercial removal jobs. The ride-on scraper can remove carpet, vinyl, and tile in strips up to 27” wide and the mastic beneath the flooring. The scraper is perfect for a contractor who needs to remove flooring quickly and effectively. Ride-on scrapers can be used in combination with a UHP water blaster or shot blaster to complete the entire surface preparation project. Applications: Carpet removal VCT & VAT removal Sheet vinyl removal Ceramic tile removal Wood flooring removal Elastomeric scraping Learn more about ride-on scraping and its applications. Why you should use ride-on scraping: Does not produce harm

Why Use Shot Blasting

Shot blasting simultaneously strips, cleans, and profiles the surface, making it a cost effective and environmentally friendly surface preparation solution. Perfect for industrial floors and warehouses. Shot blasting also efficiently prepares surfaces of concrete, steel, and asphalt. Applications: Mastic and carpet cutback removal Concrete profiling, repair and retrofit Why you should use shot/bead blasting: Industrial sized machines provide maximum profiling/production capabilities Easily maneuvered and self-propelled machine AC inverted drive motor with integrated brake for even, down-slope operation on ramps and inclines Dust collector makes process virtually dust-free and healthier for

Why you should use UHP water blasting

KRSI offers Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting Systems with optional vacuum collection units and other accessories. KRSI provides an experienced technician with every rental, ensuring that the UHP water blaster is utilized at its maximum efficiency, ultimately reducing your project costs. The process is environmentally friendly and dust free, releasing no harmful or contaminated dust particles into the air. UHP water blasting works efficiently on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Why you should use UHP water blasting: Dustless and odorless process Ideal for indoor and outdoor projects Surfaces dry immediately with no pooling of water Rapidly opens surface pores Vacuum recovery eff

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