Mastic & Carpet Removal Surfaces

Kr Surface Industries has the specialty equipment and tooling to perform even the toughest mastic removal projects. Mastic is the glue that holds down carpet, VCT (vinyl tile), and other flooring systems. It is often adhered directly to the concrete and is very difficult to remove without certain equipment. KRSI will remove all floor leveling compounds and other difficult bonding materials with Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) water blasting, shot blasting or ride-on scraping. Ultra High-Pressure water blasting and ride-on scraping are great for surface removal in environmentally sensitive areas, especially when compared to hazardous chemicals such as mastic and paint removers. The processes are du

Concrete Profiling, Repair, and Retrofit

Use UHP water blasting and shot blasting to remove unsound and damaged concrete. Our equipment will leave the rebar exposed and intact and ensure that the resulting rough surface profile bonds with the new concrete. Unlike many other impact methods, water will not micro-fracture the concrete and will preserve the areas that do not require removal. Both UHP water blasting and shot blasting can be used for concrete profiling and retrofit. We’ll help you identify the best way to deliver the results you need. Water blasting and shot blasting are effective for: Earthquake retrofit preparation Parking deck waterproofing preparation Hydro demolition (UHP only)

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