Why Should You Use Shot Blasting?

Available for stand-alone or full service rental, our heavy-duty shot blasters are premium systems for applications large and small. Shot blasting simultaneously strips, cleans, and profiles the surface, making it a cost effective and environmentally friendly surface preparation solution. Perfect for industrial floors and warehouses. Shot blasting also efficiently prepares surfaces of concrete, steel, and asphalt. Applications: Mastic and carpet cutback removal Concrete profiling, repair and retrofit Why you should use shot/bead blasting: Industrial sized machines provide maximum profiling/production capabilities Easily maneuvered and self-propelled machine AC inverted drive motor with integ

Did You Know We Do Industrial Tank Vertical Surface Cleaning?

There are a number of reasons why businesses and industries require a tank cleaning service. Other than the regular care and maintenance of equipment that respected, professional companies carry out as standard business practice, there is often great economic and budget benefit to improving the lifespan of tanks or re-purposing and re-deploying an existing tank for another use. At KRSI, we have a unique and innovative range of effective solutions. Through years of experience and service, we have become the leaders in professional tank cleaning services. So, why choose us? Safety Pressure vessels, along with mixing, storage, ballast and reactor tanks, are designed in a way that is intended to

Automated Tools Improve Hydroblasting Productivity and Safety

Just a decade ago, a hydroblasting contractor was considered cutting-edge if they owned a spinning nozzle for their shotgun and a 2-D tank cleaning tool. Now, the next evolution in hydroblasting technologies is here, as robotics and automated tools are being developed and brought to market at an ever-increasing pace, allowing contractors to perform more efficiently, safely, and quickly, and with increased customer satisfaction. The new robotics and automated tools for the industrial cleaning industry have significantly increased operator safety in what can be a high-risk job. By adding a distance factor from the nozzle to the operator, the new equipment allows the tools to be operated remote

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