Have You Considered Renting Equipment From KR Surface?

Did you know that in addition to contracting services, we rent out much of our equipment? Yes, much of our state-of-the-art inventory is available for rent and you don't even need an experienced technical operator! Here are some of the items we rent here at KRSI: Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasters KRSI Factory Technician provided Available with accessories such as vacuum collection systems and floor, wall, ceiling, or other specialty tools Ride-On Scrapers Available for stand-alone rental Available with a selection of different sized, in-stock, blade types The scrapers are available for pickup at KRSI headquarters Shot Blasters Available for stand-alone rental Available with various sized of

Does Your Concrete Need to be Profiled?

Concrete grinders are great tools in conjunction with Ultra-High Pressure water and shot blasting projects for confined, obstructed or otherwise difficult spaces. This includes walls, columns, bulkheads and beams. KRSI concrete profiling is more than just grinding and it can inject new life into concrete surfaces. What's great about it is that it's powerful enough for large, demanding industrial jobs, but it's also light and gentle enough for home use. With KRSI concrete profiling, you get superior results with minimal effort. When combined with our integrated vacuum system, they also produce minimal dust. Applications: Concrete profiling, polishing, repair and retrofit Asbestos abatement Wh

Ultra High Pressure Driveway Coating Removal

If you need to remove the coating on your driveway, our Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting Systems can do the job effectively and efficiently. With optional vacuum collection units and other accessories, KRSI provides an experienced technician with every rental, ensuring that the UHP water blaster is utilized at its maximum efficiency, ultimately reducing your project costs. The process is environmentally friendly and dust free, releasing no harmful or contaminated dust particles into the air. UHP water blasting works efficiently on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. UHP water blasting removes many substances, including the following: Mastic Rubber Curing compounds, release agen

Abatement Removal Services

KRSI simplifies the removal process of hazardous and contaminated material ensuring that you easily pass your Air Clearance test and exceed the Code of Federal Regulations requirements. We will assist you in conforming to DOSH, HESHAP, NIOSH, AQMD, and OSHA regulations. UHP water blasting removes the material ten times faster than traditional methods and can prepare up to 10,000 sq. ft. of surface per shift, all without requiring any additional containment. Simultaneous Vacuum Collection captures any particles before they can become airborne and enables separation of the water, leaving an inert waste stream. A ride-on scraper can also be used for removal of flooring materials such as glue

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