The 5 Steps of a Proper Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation (or Surface Prep for short) is the process of cleaning and readying surfaces for new coatings. Due to varying attributes and performance characteristics of the many coating types, surface preparation requirements can also be unique from project to project. Below is a general guide for Surface Preparation: 1. Removal of Old Coatings For most surfaces being completely recoated, it’s important to remove the old coating . When new coatings are applied over failed coatings, preexisting checking, peeling, flaking, or bubbling can continue under the new coating layer. By bringing a metal surface back to White Metal (SP-5, NACE 1, and Sa3), the asset is furthest from any state of

Thinking of Switching to Concrete Floors?

Is it possible to remove worn carpeting, ceramic tile or sheet vinyl from an existing concrete subfloor and then stain or polish it? You bet. And in some cases, it’s even possible to go right over the existing floor covering with a decorative concrete overlay or microtopping. Many cement-based overlays can be placed over vinyl flooring, tile or wood if the surface is prepared properly. If you decide to make the switch to decorative concrete floors, be advised that the job can be a big undertaking. Some of the challenges include ripping up and disposing of the old flooring and removing any adhesives used to glue it down. But not with KRSI's latest and most advanced equipment . KRSI will remov

Are You Looking to Remove a Floor's Surface?

Remove flooring quickly with KRSI’s ride-on scrapers. Our scrapers are ideal for commercial removal jobs large or small and can remove carpet, vinyl, and tile in strips up to 27” wide. Ride-on Floor Scrapers are an excellent choice for removing the following types of flooring products: VCT and VAT Removal Sheet Vinyl Removal Ceramic Tile Removal Wood Flooring Removal Terrazzo Removal Elastomeric Scraping KRSI offers a selection of grinding tools as part of our complete surface preparation solution. Concrete grinders are the perfect tools to compliment Ultra-High Pressure water and shot blasting projects for tight or obstructed spaces, such as beams, bulkheads, walls, or columns. When co

Did You Know We Have Ride-On Scraping Equipment?

Ride-on scrapers can remove carpet, vinyl, and tile in strips up to 27” wide and the mastic beneath the flooring. The scraper is perfect for a contractor who needs to remove flooring quickly and effectively. Ride-on scrapers can be used in combination with a UHP water blaster or shot blaster to complete the entire surface preparation project. KRSI rents battery operated ride-on scrapers that are ideal for large or small commercial removal jobs. Applications: Carpet removal VCT & VAT removal Sheet vinyl removal Ceramic tile removal Wood flooring removal Elastomeric scraping Learn more about ride-on scraping and its applications. Why you should use ride-on scraping: Does not produce harmful fu

Marine Surface Preparation

KRSI offers Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting Systems with optional vacuum collection units and other accessories to clean or prepare many different types of surfaces. This process, in which ultra high pressure jets (without abrasive additives) are used, removes paint, rust, primers, epoxies and other coatings from almost any surface. The process does not cause damage to the underlying facade or generate any heat or dust. It also creates a perfectly clean (free from chemicals and non-visual contamination) surface on which new coatings can be applied. Marine vessels can be a challenge to remove coatings for some companies because they don't have the right equipment to keep the surround

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