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Benefits of Surface Preparation & Coating

Ultra-High Pressure water blasting and shot blasting remove paint, coatings, corrosion, buildup of scale, and other tough marine coatings. This environmentally friendly process minimizes the waste stream and creates a smooth finish. Blasting brings out the structure’s natural material profile without damaging the original surface and ensures no residual media or contaminants (e.g. chlorides, etc.) will remain. Here are four more benefits of surface preparation with marine applications:

  • Annual maintenance without weather or humidity interruptions: Maintenance for your equipment does not have to be dependent on the weather. By incorporating climate and humidity control technologies, you don’t have to be concerned about the temperature or ambient conditions in regards to holding the blast or curing.

  • Climate control during surface refinishing: Marine environments are prone to condensation. Temperature control is particularly important during construction and restoration because it helps ensure the success of the coating project. By using a temporary climate control system to adjust the temperature and lower the dew point within the respective space, the maintenance coating will cure faster.

  • Moisture control to protect sensitive equipment: Moisture can negatively affect sensitive equipment and materials during construction, maintenance and restorations. To prevent corrosion, warping, expansion, splitting or degradation, desiccant dehumidification systems will keep the ambient air dry as you prepare and coat surfaces.

  • Faster project completion: The use of desiccant dehumidification systems help to create favorable conditions for maintenance and coating projects. When these systems are incorporated into your projects, you’ll experience improved production rates, higher-quality results and fewer weather-related delays.

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