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Landing Strip Safety - UHP Water Blasting

Landing strip safety is critically important to airport operators and carriers. The build-up of rubber on runways accumulated during landings creates an unsafe landing environment. UHP water blasting and shot blasting quickly removes runway rubber build-up without using chemicals or causing damage to the runway. The work will be completed between flights making the runway immediately available.

KRSI also removes paint stripes, landing markings, and curing compounds at any airside facilities such as taxiways, parking aprons, ramps, runways, and maintenance areas. Our dustless UHP process will recover all debris, which eliminates the risk of it being sucked into and damaging jet engines.

UHP water blasting is effective on numerous runway surfaces including concrete, porous friction course asphalt, and plain asphalt. KRSI’s extensive experience ensures the equipment is used properly so that the surface will retain the integrity and grooving of the substrate material.

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