Ride-On Scraping Equipment

KRSI rents battery operated ride-on scrapers that are ideal for large or small commercial removal jobs. The ride-on scraper can remove carpet, vinyl, and tile in strips up to 27” wide and the mastic beneath the flooring. The scraper is perfect for a contractor who needs to remove flooring quickly and effectively. Ride-on scrapers can be used in combination with a UHP water blaster or shot blaster to complete the entire surface preparation project.


  • Carpet removal

  • VCT & VAT removal

  • Sheet vinyl removal

  • Ceramic tile removal

  • Wood flooring removal

  • Elastomeric scraping

Learn more about ride-on scraping and its applications.

Why you should use ride-on scraping:

  • Does not produce harmful fumes or carbon monoxide poisoning that sickens your employees

  • Optimal weight and size allow it to be used on almost any job site

  • Ergonomically designed controls for safe and easy handling

  • Comfortable to drive with non-marking tires

  • Built-in charging system


  • Weight: 2062 lbs.

  • Dimensions: L 54 in. x W 24.5 in. x H 48 in.

  • Battery Life: 8-10 hrs.

  • Blades: Cutting head, self-scoring, wood, and flat blades in multiple sizes

  • Removal Rate: +/- 800-3000 ft./hr. depending on material type in use. Removal rates will vary.

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