Why Should You Use Shot Blasting?

January 29, 2019


Over the past few years, shot blasting has become one of the most effective and cheapest techniques for surface preparation prior to operations such as galvanising, electroplating, welding, enamelling, glass coating and rubberising.


Shot blasting is useful for many industries, including the aerospace, ship building, forging and steel industries because it provides a consistent and uniformly fine, rough or matt surface depending on the techniques and tools used and the type of surface required.


Here are some of the major benefits associated with shot blasting as a surface preparation technique 


  • Shot blasting eliminates the usage of non-eco friendly and harsh chemicals

  • Shot blasting provides higher production rates, wider abrasive selection and better blast pattern accuracy

  • The finished surface obtained is absolutely free from chemical deposits, scales and dust content. Shot blasting does not remove any virgin metal when removing scales

  • Shot blasting facilitates the formation of a permanent bond between the protective coat (zinc, paint or epoxy) and the shot blasted surface. It also helps to detect surface faults or defects

  • Shot blasting increases longevity and durability of protective surface coats as it adheres better to the shot blast cleaned and scale free surface


These are some of the many reasons why industries in the manufacturing sector opt for various shot blasting techniques for their surface preparation requirements.


credit: prvengineering

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