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Are You Looking to Remove a Floor's Surface?

Remove flooring quickly with KRSI’s ride-on scrapers. Our scrapers are ideal for commercial removal jobs large or small and can remove carpet, vinyl, and tile in strips up to 27” wide. Ride-on Floor Scrapers are an excellent choice for removing the following types of flooring products:

  • VCT and VAT Removal

  • Sheet Vinyl Removal

  • Ceramic Tile Removal

  • Wood Flooring Removal

  • Terrazzo Removal

  • Elastomeric Scraping

KRSI offers a selection of grinding tools as part of our complete surface preparation solution. Concrete grinders are the perfect tools to compliment Ultra-High Pressure water and shot blasting projects for tight or obstructed spaces, such as beams, bulkheads, walls, or columns. When combined with an integrated vacuum system, they produce minimal dust.

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