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Surface Preparation Specialists

KR Surface Industries is a leading provider of surface preparation in the Western United States.  KRSI offers full-service surface preparation and equipment rentals. 


KRSI uses the latest and most advanced equipment to remove existing coatings like tile, carpet, glue, environmentally sensitive coatings, and other materials.  In addition, the new or uncoated surface can be profiled for applying a coating finish.  In all cases, KRSI will deliver a perfectly prepared surface for your application.  In some cases, your surface will be sealed and require no additional preparation or coatings.  In others, KRSI delivers the optimal surface profile for adhesion, eliminating future warranty issues. 


KRSI tailors our services to meet our clients’ needs and will act as your prime contractor or sub-contractor.  With over 15 years of industry experience, licensed and insured, our skilled team makes KRSI the ideal company to help you with your next surface preparation project!


Our processes are clean and environmentally friendly, using only water or friction.  KRSI does not use any chemicals during the removal process.


Learn how KRSI can help you with your specific application.

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