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Shot/Bead Blasting

Available for stand-alone or full service rental, our heavy-duty shot blasters are premium systems for applications large and small.  Shot blasting simultaneously strips, cleans, and profiles the surface, making it a cost effective and environmentally friendly surface preparation solution.  Perfect for industrial floors and warehouses.  Shot blasting also efficiently prepares surfaces of concrete, steel, and asphalt.



  • Mastic and carpet cutback removal

  • Concrete profiling, repair and retrofit


Learn more about shot/bead blasting and its applications.  


Why you should use shot/bead blasting:

  • Industrial sized machines provide maximum profiling/production capabilities

  • Easily maneuvered and self-propelled machine

  • AC inverted drive motor with integrated brake for even, down-slope operation on ramps and inclines

  • Dust collector makes process virtually dust-free and healthier for operator, workforce, and environment 

  • Operates on 230 or 460V with auto-sensing voltage control

  • Excellent for industrial floor prep, asphalt blasting, decontamination, and more


  • Weight: 794 lbs.

  • Dimensions: L 64 in. x W 18 in. x H 43 in.

  • Blasting Width: 10 in.

  • Producation Capacity: +/- 1937 sq. ft./hr. on concrete.  Rates will vary.

  • Travel Speed: Up to 65 ft./min.

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