Mastic and Carpet Cutback Removal

KRSI will remove all floor leveling compounds and other difficult bonding materials with Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) water blasting, shot blasting or ride-on scraping.  Our equipment produces a high-quality smooth surface without the ridgelines common with shot blasting.  You can use your floor space immediately after removal, which is necessary for time-sensitive projects such as retail store re-flooring.  We work with our clients to identify the right equipment for your specific job needs.


UHP water blasting and ride-on scraping are great for surface removal in environmentally sensitive areas, especially when compared to hazardous chemicals such as mastic and paint removers.  The processes are dust free, allowing inventories to be left in place during the project.


Water blasting, shot blasting, and ride-on scraping remove:

  • Mastic and carpet glue

  • Leveling compounds

  • Paint and thermoplastic

  • Elstomeric

  • Epoxies

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