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Abatement and Remediation

KRSI simplifies the removal process of hazardous and contaminated material ensuring that you easily pass your Air Clearance test and exceed the Code of Federal Regulations requirements.  We will assist you in conforming to DOSH, HESHAP, NIOSH, AQMD, and OSHA regulations. 


UHP water blasting removes the material ten times faster than traditional methods and can prepare up to 10,000 sq. ft. of surface per shift, all without requiring any additional containment.  Simultaneous Vacuum Collection captures any particles before they can become airborne and enables separation of the water, leaving an inert waste stream.  A ride-on scraper can also be used for removal of flooring materials such as glues, paints, and mastics.


UHP water blasting removes:

  • Lead paint

  • Asbestos mastics and glues

  • Fireproofing

  • PCBs and hydrocarbons

  • Carpet glue, mastics and paints

  • Floor leveling compounds

  • Other impurities 

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