How Important is Concrete Surface Preparation?

Preparing concrete surfaces for coatings, overlays, stains or repair materials is a time-consuming task that many contractors perform begrudgingly or are tempted to overlook altogether. But if you've ever skipped this essential first step in the process, you undoubtedly learned the hard way how critical it is to the success of the job. Concrete surfaces are prepared prior to resurfacing concrete to look like plain concrete again or to be upgraded to a decorative finish. Today polymers can be applied as thin as 1/8 " or up to 3/4" thick and stamped, producing a surface that looks just like a normal stamped concrete surface. Surfaces are also prepared prior to various floor-coating installatio

A Guide to Waterblasting vs Sandblasting

Surface preparation is one of the most important factors affecting the quality, performance, and service life of a paint job. To achieve optimum results, surfaces must be completely free of dust, dirt, and grease, and prepared correctly to ensure good coating adhesion to the substrate. Two common surface preparation methods used by industrial painters today are waterblasting and sandblasting. Here is a guide to decide which is right for your next project! Waterblasting Waterblasting provides an efficient, economic, safe, and eco-friendly way to clean and maintain different surfaces. Read on for the most important benefits: Waterblasting allows you to clean and prepare a wide variety of exter

Shot Blasting is an Effective Surface Preparation Method!

Shot blasting has emerged as one of the most effective, as well as possibly the cheapest technique for surface preparation prior to operations such as galvanizing, electroplating, welding, enameling, glass coating and rubberizing. Shot blasting is useful for many industries, including the aerospace, ship building, forging and steel industries because it provides a consistent and uniformly fine, rough or matt surface depending on the techniques and tools used and the type of surface required. Here are some of the major benefits associated with shot blasting as a surface preparation technique – Shot blasting eliminates the usage of non-eco friendly and harsh chemicals Shot blasting provides hi

Dustless, Ultra-High Pressure Runway Surface Cleaning

Landing strip safety is critical for airport operators and carriers. The build-up of rubber on runways accumulated during landings creates an unsafe landing environment. Our dustless Ultra-High Pressure water blasting process uses only clean water — no chemicals or additives minimizing the impact to the environment. Rubber deposits, paint, and thermoplastic cannot withstand the effective force of the needle-sharp water jets. We will recover all debris, which eliminates the risk of it being sucked into and damaging jet engines. The work will be completed between flights making the runway immediately available. KRSI also removes paint stripes, landing markings, and curing compounds at any airs

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