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Why You Should Have A Professional Remove Lead Paint for You

Anyone who has ever worked with or encountered lead-based paint can attest to its dangers. Lead can cause severe health concerns, especially among children and pregnant women, and can accumulate over time in the body. However, with stricter rules on the amount of lead that can be released into the environment, removing it has become even more challenging. That’s where KRSI's UHP Water Blasting comes in – an excellent tool for lead paint removal that not only improves productivity but also reduces contamination and is safer for the environment.

We have been leading the charge in UHP Water Blasting applications for some time now, and it’s no surprise that our cleaning technology is preferred for industrial cleaning surface preparation. But how does it fair when it comes to lead paint removal? The answer is incredibly well! Lead has a specific gravity five times more than water, making it that much harder to remove. However, water blasting employs high pressure to remove paint and coatings down to their original substrate effectively. Because of its unmatched performance, KRSI's UHP Water Blasting is the ultimate solution for lead paint removal.

A significant advantage of water blasting is that the water used in the process helps suppress lead contamination, which makes containment of the lead particles even easier. Unlike other methods that loosen and generate lead dust, water blasting is a safer option since it produces minimal dust and eliminates the risks associated with lead exposure. This makes it a great option for those who need to keep their workforce safe.

The cleaning technology that we employ is incredibly flexible and can achieve a wide range of cleaning requirements. Our technicians employ a variety of UHP Water Blasting machinery to eliminate visible and invisible surface contaminants from a range of substrates. Apart from lead paint removal, it can also handle other challenging applications, such as removing coatings, rust and corrosion, surface preparation, and contaminant removal. The result is a surface left clean, dry, and ready for immediate re-coating.

The overall environmental impact of water blasting is minimal compared to other methods of lead paint removal. By using only water and sometimes a mild abrasive, this technology creates no hazardous fumes or secondary waste streams. The waste generated is entirely biodegradable, which makes the cleaning process safer and more sustainable. This environment-friendly approach is one of the reasons why KRSI's UHP Water Blasting has become the go-to solution for people looking for efficient, cost-effective yet safe methods of paint removal.

Our UHP Water Blasting is the final solution when it comes to lead paint removal or any other challenging industrial cleaning application. Its unmatched productivity, limited impact on the environment, and enhanced performance of new coatings make it the ideal solution for all your cleaning and coating requirements. It’s no longer necessary to put your workforce at risk or face sky-high hazardous waste disposal costs. It is an eco-friendly, aggressive, and efficient option that will leave your surface smooth, clean, and ready for its next coating.

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