VCT Removal Services

VCT glue down tile (Vinyl Composite Tile) removal is scraped up with our 3000 Lb Ride on Flooring Removal Equipment; it makes the VCT Removal process fast and easy. VCT Tile is mostly used in Hospitals, Schools, Department Stores, Grocery Stores, this was the type of flooring used most often until Concrete Polishing became main-stream. KRSI rents battery operated ride-on scrapers that are ideal for large or small commercial removal jobs. The ride-on scraper can remove carpet, vinyl, and tile in strips up to 27” wide and the mastic beneath the flooring. The scraper is perfect for a contractor who needs to remove flooring quickly and effectively. Ride-on scrapers can be used in combination w

Waterblasting vs Sandblasting: Which do you pick?

One of the most important factors affecting the quality, performance, and service life of a paint job is the surface preparation. To achieve optimal results, surfaces must be completely free of dust, dirt, and grease and prepared correctly to ensure good coating adhesion to the substrate. Two common surface preparation methods used by industrial painters today are waterblasting and sandblasting. Here is a guide to decide which is right for your next project! Waterblasting Waterblasting provides an efficient, economic, safe, and eco-friendly way to clean and maintain different surfaces. Read on for the most important benefits: Waterblasting allows you to clean and prepare a wide variety of ex

Removal Process of Hazardous Materials

KRSI simplifies the removal process of hazardous and contaminated material ensuring that you easily pass your Air Clearance test and exceed the Code of Federal Regulations requirements. We will assist you in conforming to DOSH, HESHAP, NIOSH, AQMD, and OSHA regulations. UHP water blasting removes the material ten times faster than traditional methods and can prepare up to 10,000 sq. ft. of surface per shift, all without requiring any additional containment. Simultaneous Vacuum Collection captures any particles before they can become airborne and enables separation of the water, leaving an inert waste stream. A ride-on scraper can also be used for removal of flooring materials such as glue

Parking Lot Lane Stripe Removal

Over time, parking lot lane stripes and markings fade, making them difficult to see when parking or when it's raining. KRSI efficiently removes parking lot lane stripes with Ultra-High Pressure water blasting, all while preparing the surface for new stripes and markings. Our quick, dustless process removes stripes from runways, roadways, and parking garages. Dust free removal is especially important when removing lead-based striping so no toxins are released into the air. It also ensures there is no debris emitted for vehicles to propel over the landscape. Using UHP water blasting, the surface dries immediately and is ready for new paint. Call us for any questions and more details!

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