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Do You Need Lead Paint Removed for Surface Preparation?

KRSI's UHP Water Blasting is an excellent tool for lead paint removal. There are strict rules about how much lead can be released into the environment. The water in our process helps suppress lead contamination, making containment that much easier.

KRSI has been a leader in UHP Water Blasting applications, and is favored for industrial cleaning and surface preparation due to its unmatched productivity, limited impact on the environment and enhanced performance of new coatings.

When the need for industrial cleaning, coating and contaminant removal or surface preparation arises, owners today are faced with increasingly strict federal regulations, high hazardous waste disposal costs, and growing concern over environmental pollutants. Our well-trained technicians employ a variety of UHP Water Blasting machinery to eliminate both visible and invisible surface contaminants from an array of substrates leaving the surface totally clean, dry, and ready for immediate re-coating.

Call us today for Lead Paint Removal Surfaces!

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