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Does Your Concrete Need to be Profiled?

Concrete grinders are great tools in conjunction with Ultra-High Pressure water and shot blasting projects for confined, obstructed or otherwise difficult spaces. This includes walls, columns, bulkheads and beams.

KRSI concrete profiling is more than just grinding and it can inject new life into concrete surfaces. What's great about it is that it's powerful enough for large, demanding industrial jobs, but it's also light and gentle enough for home use. With KRSI concrete profiling, you get superior results with minimal effort.

When combined with our integrated vacuum system, they also produce minimal dust.


  • Concrete profiling, polishing, repair and retrofit

  • Asbestos abatement

Why you should use grinding:

  • Quick material removal

  • Perfect for crack leveling or high spot grinding

  • Performs surface preparation in small or obstructed areas

  • Surface finishing

KRSI offers a selection of grinding tools as part of our complete surface preparation solution.

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